Thursday, June 21, 2012

may 21 2011

we re-united othe 20th of may for our friend's wedding, izzati. we went to iiu and slept in our friend's room. the we talked we laughed and we rekindled our days together after being apart for almost a month. we went for dinner and present hunting for the newly weds :) the next day me, aan, tia and ijan went for the solemnisation ceremony. we were very happy for izzati looked very beautiful and she is the first to marry in our group, therefore we are very very happy. we arrived on time and we sat really close to her. we witnessed everything and we saw how happy izzati was. we were brought to tears when she was announced to be the lawfully wedded wife to her husband. we took pictures and we had the best meal because it was our friend's wedding. time came for us to part again and it has been a year and 1 month since her wedding. we hope you are happy izzati. we know we are ,) we love you. with wedding over, it was time for us to part, again. bye bye my sweethearts.

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